Oregon Bankers Association - Independent Community Banks of Oregon

About Us

Membership in the Oregon Bankers Association (OBA) signifies a financial institution's commitment to the principles of banking and the belief that more can be accomplished collectively than individually.

One of the many strengths of OBA is the role it plays as a sounding board for thoughts, ideas and opinions from bankers across the state. Ideas are channeled from the general membership, heard, analyzed and acted upon. Bankers explore issues affecting the banking industry's day-to-day and long-range outlook, with OBA acting as the industry voice.

The official decision-making body of the OBA is the board of directors, which meets six times per year to deal with policy issues affecting the industry. Board members representing institutions of all sizes in Oregon are elected to three-year terms during the OBA's annual meeting. The board also has four committees, including the Governance and Compensation Committee, the Finance, Audit and Compliance Committee, the Advocacy Committee and an Executive Committee.

The Independent Community Banks of Oregon (ICBO) is governed by its own board of directors, which typically meets two times per year. The Chairman of the OBA serves on the ICBO Board, just as the ICBO President serves on the OBA Board. This crossover membership helps to facilitate communication between the two boards.

Participation on boards within OBA and ICBO, as well as on various committees of discipline, is seen as an opportunity for dedicated bankers to develop leadership skills and gain a broader perspective of the banking industry.

Through its extensive government relations program, OBA aims to provide members with a competitive environment that includes the opportunity to respond to all of the financial needs of Oregonians, as well as to ensure absolute parity in the laws and regulations that govern various types of financial service providers. The goal of OBA is to present an informed and unified voice - established through a consensus process - on matters of critical importance to Oregon and the Oregon banking industry.

In addition to government relations, OBA provides banking education, training, and information programs on an ongoing basis for its membership, including frequent workshops, and co-sponsorship of several banking schools. Many other products and services - such as those offered by the OBA's wholly-owned subsidiary, Synergy by Association, Inc. - are also provided to member institutions to assist with the continued competitive strength of Oregon banking.

The Oregon Bankers Association and Independent Community Banks of Oregon belong to and serve Oregon bankers. Our mission, simply stated, is "to be the voice of the Oregon banking industry."