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Oregon BankPAC

Oregon BankPAC is the Oregon Bankers Association's Political Action Committee. It is a bi-partisan, voluntary, non-profit organization governed by a committee of trustees.

Oregon BankPAC was organized in 1975 at the request of bankers to provide an organization through which they could participate more effectively in financially supporting political candidates who understand the interest of the banking industry. Oregon BankPAC remains the only political organization in Oregon specifically designed to meet the needs of Oregon bankers. Representation on this scale is essential if we are to establish and maintain the best environment for banking in Oregon.

Oregon BankPAC also serves as a forum for educating OBA members about state and national political activities affecting the banking industry and provides an effective way for members to become politically involved.

Giving to Oregon BankPAC allows you to take advantage of the Oregon Political Tax Credit. If you are an Oregonian, you may be eligible for a $50 per individual ($100 per couple) state income tax credit when you give to a qualified political committee such as Oregon BankPAC. That's right - with Oregon's Political Tax Credit, you can support the banking industry with a contribution to BankPAC - for free*! To make a contribution, click here.

For more information or to make a contribution, please contact Jennifer Schubert at (503) 576-4126 or jschubert@oregonbankers.com

*Please see your tax advisor for more information.