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Our mission is to help Oregon bankers help Oregonians and we offer a wide range of valuable products and services through key business partnerships to help banks do just that. Our strategic partnerships with respected vendors help our member banks make informed purchasing decisions that contribute to their profitability and service objectives.


Many of our business partnerships are offered through the Oregon Bankers Association's wholly-owned subsidiary, Synergy by Association, Inc.  Through a strong coalition of trade association partners, Synergy by Association's collective purchasing power provides association members with superior pricing on products and services through partnerships with  industry-leading suppliers.  To learn more about Synergy by Association's programs and services, visit www.synergybai.com.    

The Oregon Bankers Association, Synergy by Association and state bankers associations across the United States have joined forces to establish Compliance Alliance, a unique and innovative service created exclusively by bankers for bankers.

First developed in response to the ever-increasing compliance load created by the Dodd-Frank Act, Compliance Alliance has been designed to be an extra set of hands while navigating and complying with the federal rules and regulations. Not only will Compliance Alliance provide you the documents necessary be sure that your bank is compliant but the additional products and services will serve as your researcher, advisor, reviewer and document creations specialist.

Membership with Compliance Alliance is all-inclusive providing you access to over 700 quality compliance documents (including policies, procedures, cheat sheets, check lists, flowcharts and much more), personalized attention by our compliance hotline, clear-cut compliance reviews and unlimited users and access. Compliance Alliance provides unmatched dependability in one convenient package.

Powered by a team of Attorneys, Compliance Specialists and Ex-Regulators and backed by 23 State Bankers Associations, Compliance Alliance is uniquely positioned to provide you with the support necessary to bring efficiency and ease to your compliance department. Learn more at www.synergybai.com/business_partners/compliance_alliance or www.compliancealliance.com.

The Oregon Bankers Association and Office Depot have already partnered to bring OBA members a very well received discount program. Now, all employees of an OBA member are able to take advantage of the program's great benefits. To register for an online ordering account, click here.  To download the printable Store Purchasing Card for use at Office Depot retail locations, click here.

To assist with the recruiting needs of the Oregon Bankers Association's member banks, the OBA has partnered with JobTarget to offer a full service career center solution.  OBA Career Network, located at http://careers.oregonbankers.com, offers competitive pricing on job postings, free resume searches and much more.

The Oregon Bankers Association has partnered with EverFi, Inc., the nation's leading financial education technology company to bring its innovative financial literacy platform to schools in Oregon. EverFi provides an opportunity for Oregon banks to enhance their existing financial education initiatives and deliver the latest technology to local schools through a private-labeled program that teaches, assesses and certifies high school students in over 600 topics in personal finance. To learn more about this program, please click here.

In partnership with three banking associations in the state of Washington, the Oregon Bankers Association offers its member banks a full service benefit plan for their bank employees.  The program, known as the Northwest Financial Associations Employee Benefit Plan & Trust, is managed by Brown & Brown Insurance in Tacoma, Washington.  The multi-state collaboration creates the necessary volume and predictability that such a benefit plan requires.

Our current plan serves nearly six thousand bankers and their family members and offers one of the finest employee benefit packages available on the market. It is designed exclusively for employees and their families of member financial institution and offers health, dental, vision and various insurance coverage from partners such as:

We welcome the opportunity to showcase our successful employee benefit plan to every Oregon bank. Contact Lori Kaliher at (503) 576-4108 or lkaliher@oregonbankers.com for more information.

Fraud-Net is a "real-time", national secure network which allows financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to share timely information and alert other users of fraudulent activities and robberies occurring not only in Oregon, but across the country.  Fraud-Net is a valuable resource, aiding in the prevention of financial crime and generating awareness on trends in criminal activity.  Fraud-Net encourages communication between financial institutions and law enforcement agencies as a means of combating the ever-growing threat of financial crime.  For additional information and how to register for Fraud-Net, click here.

KeyState Captive Management, LLC, an affiliate of The KeyState Companies, has partnered with the Oregon Bankers Association to offer a unique bank captive insurance program to Oregon banks.  The bank captive program is designed by national accounting firm Crowe Horwath LLP and then administered by KeyState Captive Management.  Banks that fit a certain asset size and earnings criteria can form their own wholly owned captive insurance company to finance risks (that are not commercially insured) in a tax advantaged way.  KeyState and its affiliates have been working with banks for over 22 years providing Nevada investment subsidiary, portfolio management, and asset liability consulting services.  We are pleased to now introduce the bank captive program.

For more information please call or email Josh Miller at (702) 598-3738 or jmiller@key-state.com.  You can also visit their website at www.key-state.com

The Oregon Bankers Association is pleased to have an endorsement relationship with Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.  Promontory helps banks of all sizes through a network comprised of thousands of financial institutions nationwide utilizing unique services that derive their value from the power of many. Promontory Network members use solutions such as Bank Assetpoint®, Insured Cash Sweep®, or ICS® and CDARS® . For more information contact Reg Truman at (866) 776-6426 ext. 3448 or rtruman@promnetwork.com.