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Financial Institutions Security Task Force

The Oregon Financial Institution Security Task Force (FIST) is a cooperative effort between banks, credit unions and representatives of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The primary purpose of FIST is to help reduce crimes committed against financial institutions, and by so doing, ensure the safety of staff and customers/members. Current FIST initiatives include promoting education to enhance robbery, fraud and physical security knowledge and awareness; administering a reward program aimed at the identification, arrest and conviction of perpetrators of crimes against financial institutions; and providing a forum to discuss issues related to the financial institution security.


To assist law enforcement in solving financial institution robberies or other crimes committed against financial institutions - such as kidnappings, extortions, bombings, threats or vandalism - FIST may offer rewards to individuals providing substantial material information not previously known by Oregon law enforcement and leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s). The decision whether to offer or pay a reward is solely within FIST's discretion under its Reward Policy. All reward offers and recommendations for reward payment are coordinated directly with law enforcement. FIST does not take information or tips directly, nor does it consider a reward payment without a written request submitted by law enforcement in accordance with the FIST Reward Policy.

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Dedicated to reducing fraud, Fraud-Net is a "real-time", national secure network which allows financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to share timely information and alert other users of fraudulent activities and robberies occurring not only in Oregon, but across the country. Fraud-net is a valuable resource, aiding in the prevention of financial crime and generating awareness on trends in criminal activity. Fraud-Net encourages communicaiton between financial institutions and law enforcement agencies as a means of comabating the ever-growing threat of financial crime.

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